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Team Memebers & Capabilities

- Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation
  SOW Areas: 3.1-3.12, 3.15-3.22
- General Dynamics Information Technology, Inc.
  SOW Areas: 3.1-3.22
- Eagle Systems, Inc.
  SOW Areas: 3.1-3.7, 3.9-3.11, 3.13-3.21
- Universal Technical Resource Services, Inc.
  SOW Areas: 3.7, 3.11, 3.21, 3.22

Quality Assurance

As a normal part of its business process, Technology and Management International (TAMI) has instituted a Quality Assurance (QA) process that systematically reviews and audits the quality and cost of both products and daily support operations from the customer's vantage point, as well as our corporate environment. Each site and project team and all of our managers and staff are reviewed on a periodic basis to ensure that there has been no decline in performance or quality at any level. We are constantly seeking ways to systemically improve. We feel that in today's market "good enough" is not good enough to meet stringent TAMI quality and performance standards.

In keeping with this philosophy, the TAMI Team will implement TAMI's QA process for all SeaPort contract support efforts, products, and deliverables (formal and informal), including QA technical editing and technical reviews, as well as PM checks, prior to submittal. These technical reviews include: technical content, security requirements, format, correct grammar and punctuation, compliance with appropriate data-item descriptions, specifications, and standards for technical content and contractual compliance. Recognizing that timely turnaround of products and responsive support to tasking is a key ingredient to quality support, we address our QA process on five distinct levels to meet delivery/performance requirements as follows: 1) formal review by appropriate levels of management through the TAMI Team Program Manager for all formal CDRL deliverables; 2) formal reviews through project team personnel for items, such as routine reports, correspondence, graphics and database printouts; 3) periodic reviews with cognizant customer personnel by the TAMI Team PM and executive management to assess day-to-day performance and support; 4) bimonthly PM technical and cost reviews; and 5) monthly technical and cost reports/reviews with the customer.

As a measure of the success of TAMI's QA process, TAMI has never had a deliverable rejected and has completed every project on time and under budget. The TAMI Team makes this same commitment to its performance on the SeaPort-e contract.


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